A little

It's good to have nearly no problems, for example: There have been few problems with the new system, thankfully!

a little vs little

This little girl had fled with a group of women and children. Share via Email Battle endgame Noun there's just a little of the pie left See More Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective On display against Holy Cross will be a team that appears to have decent top-line talent but little depth.

It's great that there's been very little bad weather this month.

A little

To me, they were angels amid the misery. Luckily, there is little crime in my town. Of course, if we use 'few' or 'little' with a noun that we don't want, then it can have a positive meaning.

what is a little in a relationship

The stream of suicide bombs, grenades, car bombs, and snipers was relentless.

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A Little vs. a Few