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how did st francis of assisi die

The surgeon, then, was summoned, and, having come, laid his iron instrument in the fire to prepare for the cautery. How could they know what he has been through day after day, with this good-for-nothing boy who claims he has God's blessing to steal from his own father?

Everyone will want to hear about what he has seen; even his father will listen to his descriptions of Rome, the city of wonders, of the towers and bridges, the palace of the Laterano, and all the shrines and sacred relics he visited. For he, having proved the saintliness of the servant of Christ, was minded after his ensample to utterly despise the world, and sought counsel from him how he might accomplish this.

Concerning this place a certain devout Brother, before his conversion, beheld a vision right worthy to be recounted. Here, in a day like any other betwenn andthe crucifix of this little chapel started talking to him saying three times: "Francis, go and repair My house, which you see is falling down" Francis come back to his father's shop, laded a horse with cloth and went to Foligno to sell it.

Prayer help us to make peace in our day and to experience reconciliation in our lives. Having obtained a coarse woolen tunic, the dress then worn by the poorest Umbrian peasants, he tied it around him with a knotted rope and went forth at once exhorting the people of the country-side to penance, brotherly love, and peace.

His dreams are full of triumph; voices speak to him and counsel him, showing him scenes of great glory and making a promise: All this will be yours. They would remain visible for the rest of his life.

st francis and the leper
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Being St. Francis