A study of multinational corporations

That is, the development of one leads to the under-development of another. Lazarus pointed out that, for a corporation to qualify to be called multinational, it must have functional offices in at least two countries. United African Company, then known as Nigerian Motors Ltd a subsidiary of the Royal Niger Company was established by the British government and involved in the extraction of raw mineral resources e.

In a long history of analysis of multinational corporations we are some quarter century into an era of stateless corporations - corporations which meet the realities of the needs of source materials on a worldwide basis and to produce and customize products for individual countries.

A multinational corporation MNC is usually a large corporation incorporated in one country which produces or sells goods or services in various countries.

features of multinational companies

Several theories of multinational enterprises were reviewed and how these theories, as well as the activities of the multinational firms, relate to the development of the Nigerian economy. A multinational corporation is a company, firm or enterprise that operates worldwide with its headquarters in a metropolitan or developed country.

The value added by manufacturing a usable product always cost more than the primary products used to create those products. Kumar supported this view.

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Multinational corporation