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Even when the memo is physically printed, employees can read the memo at their leisure. Friend if you like this post Advantages and Disadvantages of a Memo this post share with your friends. You will note down the details of the task and the person given respective responsibility. It helps in maintaining written records. Provide information: Another important objective of the memo is to provide information form one level to another within the business. Purpose of Memorandum A person writes a memo with some purposes in mind. Try to lure the reader to make the positive action. Transparency of Communication Memo information is harder to dispute than oral communication because the memo is evidence of what the writer said. Maintenance good relationship: It can help to maintain the good relationship among the boss and subordinates, because the bossing attitude is absent here. Task Segment It is the segment one must include to mention the steps for solving the problem. This keeps operations efficient. The ending must restate the issue and end on a positive note. Guidelines for writing effective memos or drafting memos In order to make interoffice communication easier, please adhere to the following guidelines for writing effective memos : Summarize the conclusions in the introduction paragraph State the basis for conclusion in the introductory paragraph Begin each subsequent paragraph with a thesis statement Support the thesis statement in the body of the paragraph Be concise.

They are Heading Segment The heading segment of a memo has four basic sections. Posted By The Business Communication 3 Comments Here you will get about Meaning of office memo or memorandum or what is office memo or memorandum?

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With digital memos, business people can send the memo to hundreds or even thousands of workers with a single click, getting the memo out in just seconds. Remember to start with general information and then go for more specific one. You will first try to note down all the tasks that need to be done. The document covers the formatting and purposes of various types of memorandums, including those designed to record meeting notes, document an oral agreement, announce a decision and outline procedures. Others: Issuing orders and instructions, providing response, providing suggestions, presenting informal report, solving problems. Encourages Critical Thinking Business memos are designed to be short and to the point. This way of communication in business is memorandum. Purpose of Memorandum A person writes a memo with some purposes in mind. Memos are the written internal communication means for exchanging information relating to day-to-day functions within the organizations. The main advantages of memos are discussed below: Time saving: We can see that may organizations use printed memo. Also, it helps to take the required steps. Friends you will get another supper related post " How to format a memo? Lack of formality: It provides only informal communication. Date: The date of writing the memos is an important detail that one must include. It is inexpensive.

By doing this, the writer gets a clear picture of the intent behind the writing and thus is better able to defend the memo's purpose in the future. If business people send the memo via email, the company also is able to communicate without without having ink and paper expenses, and there is no physical disposal of the memo papers necessary for which the company could be charged.

The ending must restate the issue and end on a positive note.

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For this purpose, it should be written by the higher authority. Another advantage is its simplicity. Importance of the Memo as a Record of Operations Business memos show what was happening in a company at a specific point. Advantages of office memo We know memorandum serves various purposes. To communicate the ideas. Business people thus developed memos as a new style of internal business communication. Example — Subject: Meeting of all employees of the Sale Division.

Disadvantages of office memo There are few limitations or Disadvantages of memos they are: Limited application: It is not widely used means of communication.

Sometimes huge printed memos remain unused. This way of communication in business is memorandum.

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Office Memorandum: Advantages and Disadvantages, Effective Memos