Affirmative action keeping minorities down for

does affirmative action work

The suit advances a surprising line of argument. These drops precipitated ongoing protests by students and continual hand-wringing by administrators, and when, inthere was a particularly low yield of black freshmen, the campus was roiled with agitation, so much so that the university reinstituted covert, illegal racial preferences.

why affirmative action is good

From todata for students whose race or ethnicity was unknown has been redistributed across other groups. I do think we should cut down on our production of Ph.

why affirmative action is bad

No serious supporter of race-preferential admissions denies this. We have fewer college professors and lawyers, too. The paper is a vital resource for new immigrants, providing information about voting, garbage pickup, and civic rights. Wei said that the more recent immigrants included engineers and tech workers, among others, with enough resources to move straight to the suburbs.

The Shape of the River's own figures show that black men with SAT scores between and and black women with SAT scores between and are likely to earn more if they stay away from the most elite schools.

We are new to this country.

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The Rise and Fall of Affirmative Action