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There are situations whereby the financial statements may be misstated, thereby misleading the company or organizational investors to make the wrong investment decisions in regard to the organization.

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The working hours for auditors are normally 40 hours per week. I reached 3. And for achieving a specific position in this field, I have to complete my studies in specific subjects with good marks. Honesty and integrity are qualities which are highly valued. This means that the tax accountant should constantly be updated on the changes. Hanging around with friends and family make me feel well. Pathway 1 is designed for those who will practice only in California. Many abilities and skills are necessary in order to work in the accounting field. Entry requirements A first degree in accounting is a prerequisite in becoming a tax accountant. However, one needs to consider many different factors when choosing a career to give them the best chance of being happy and fulfilled Differences include the requirement of only one year of general accounting experience supervised by a licensed CPA in addition to semester units of education. The financial statements compare the projected expenses with the actual expenses, and the difference is recognized as either surplus in case the projected expenses exceed the actual expenses or as deficit in case the actual expenses exceed the projected expenses WetFeetFirm While performing its duty, these responsibilities should be kept in mind so they work more deliberately with any company and fulfill their task with honesty and loyalty. Accounting is a very major field in the life of business and having too much importance. Such auditors have to travel frequently to various clients or business organizations where they are required to offer their services.

Finance is an interesting degree that deals with money, but at slow place of growth in the companies you work for. Accountants will always be learning as technology and laws change. Also, conditional credit on the CPA exam is only awarded to those who pass two or more sections with a grade of 75 percent or higher and earn a minimum grade of 50 percent on the remaining unpassed sections, and is valid for three years.

I am enjoying in solving difficult accounting problems and having too much interest in this subject.

essay about accounting profession

In addition, economics is the study of scarcity, Our economy is important because it gives us an opportunity to understand better, how business, society, and the world are doing overall financially.

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Essay about accounting career

There are auditors who are usually employed by accounting firms. Accountant Job description: In any company, an accountant accomplishes all financial functions which include collection, analysis, recording and accuracy and properly present financial operations. Differences include the requirement of only one year of general accounting experience supervised by a licensed CPA in addition to semester units of education. When you hear the word "ethics," what is the first thing that comes to mind. Schweppe, Richard. I applied and was accepted for the undergraduate program in accounting at University of Missouri in St. Working conditions Government accountants can work in various divisions within the government.

Conclusion The accounting profession is one of the most common and widely pursued professions by many college and university students.

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