Antigone reaction assignment

She warns Antigone that trying to give their brother a proper burial would surely lead to her death and declares that she wants nothing to do with the whole idea. Who was Antigone supposed to marry? However, the language, costumes, sets, lighting, and other technical elements used are simple enough that any theatre could easily produce this play.

Antigone: speech at ff; interaction with Creon, esp. Because he believes Polyneices wanted to destroy the city and enslave the people; he had bad intentions for Thebes 5. This article gave information regarding specific characters in the tragedy Antigone.

Once Tiresias has left, what does Creon decide to do? Why do you suppose Sophocles introduces this theme, and what associations does he build with maleness and femaleness that are important for the central ideas of the play?

Antigone reaction assignment

While singing with the Chorus, Antigone claims that, since she is going to die, she will marry what? According to what he tells Creon, what did the messenger guard do when he got back to the other guards, after speaking with Creon the first time? When Ismene offers to keep Antigone's plans a secret, what does Antigone tell her? Creon tells his men to lock the girls up and make sure they do not get away. This site also gave certain pages numbers, where particular phrases or portions of the tragedy were pointed out as being important. By this time, however, it is too late to fix anything and he has lost everything. Also, it never describes the characters in minute detail. Creon punishes Antigone to death.

Creon ridicules Haemon for his ridiculous thoughts of freeing Antigone. Creon then states that he is going to take Antigone to a cave and bury her alive so she can starve. It gave background of each character, including some of their etymologies.

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Antigone Reaction Essay Example