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Offerings would have been given for numerous reasons, whether it be for a blessing or giving thanks to the gods. The sculpture was first discovered in [14] and further excavated in[15] [16] [17] at the site of a shipwreck that occurred no earlier than the middle of the second century B.

The smaller details such as lips and nipples are copper, while the eyes were ivory or bone. Steven Zucker: Especially since we think that the eye brows, perhaps the beard and certainly the thunderbolt, would have been inlaid with silver.

Many such shipwrecks are of Roman date and were of vessels looting Greek art to Italy, but it is unclear whether the Artemision wreck is one of these.

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Murray, eds. A cogent summary of technical and iconographic arguments for Zeus was presented by George E. Steven Zucker: We see the depth of the torso, we can see a little bit of twist in the hips and the upper body.

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Robinson, Jr. Beth Harris: When we move to the side, that sense of flatness changes and we get a figure that seems to occupy space in all directions. The statue was pulled out of the sea close to Cape Artemision. We look at him and we know that this is a god who controls the fates of human beings.

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Beth Harris: That gleaming, shining, radiant effect goes with the idea of this being Zeus. With us you can: choose places of interest more than available types of tourist attractions for every taste ; find out more about tourist attractions with one click; look into the daily happenings from different cities and explore the resorts via webcams; prepare the most convenient itineraries; search and book hotels.

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Sculpture Artemision Bronze