Automobiles in the 1920s essay

Leuchtenburg's "The Revolution in Morals," illustrates the 's as anera of dramatic change which would not only influence the future of America,but set a standardized profile of Americans to the rest of the world.

A benefit of getting rid of the horse and carriage system was that the cities became cleaner.

economic impact of the automobile

To most Americans American Isolationism. During this generation people began to take more pride in their vehicles than ever before. Pollution is a major environmental problem caused mostly by automobiles.

The automobile industry knows what sells and they take advantage of that. Out of these new industries the most important was the Motorcar industry.

But, having a license also comes with responsibilities such as driving safe and following the rules of the road. By the time a car reached the end of the line, it had been assembled and was ready to be driven.

While Ford was not the original inventor the automobile, he created the first automobiles that were affordable, easy to drive and maintain, which made it possible for everyday people to own cars.

The women started to fight for their rights and then still fighting for them today. As the world becomes a more populated place, parents want safe vehicles to transport their children in. The new and primitive cars were not nearly as clean nor as efficient as the cars that are currently enjoyed in America today The Ford Model T.

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