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DiCerto decides, "Beneath its irreverent facade the film addresses faith issues with an unfeigned sincerity and seriousness.

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Just like this he makes it known again with Elijah when he proves his existence by bringing his flame to the offering to show the other citizens that the only God they should be worshiping is him Nevertheless, there is still some grumbling amongst Christian moviegoers about the new Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty because it portrays a hero displaying disrespect for God's power.

In scene 2: This is my Luck; an example of compassion is when Grace is getting ready to give blood to those who are in dire need You can scan their reviews here. He starts out the movie as selfish and immature.

But who says that being reminded can't be fun?

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Maybe the film works because the concept Carrey is trying to get across is larger than his larger-than-life persona. God, being a whimsical sort and feeling a little bit of career burnout Himself, is up to the challenge and grants Nolan all of His mighty powers.

Today's Hollywood fashionistas and starlets are discarded as tomorrow's has-beens, and the richest people in the world are often the unhappiest.

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