Causes and consequences of poverty essay

Of these 20 percent, 60 percent are from the working class poor. Poverty is a huge issue because of how many people effects.

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Uniquely connected to different causes, the effects of poverty are revolving —one result leads to another source leads to another consequence. Given the extent of manipulation and ideological indoctrination, people usually need some educational basis to understand it. What are we doing to reduce this widening? In the beginning the effect of poverty is food shortage. Children are those who have the least choice and ability to change what happens to them. To conclude, there are numerous cause and effect of poverty. Although varying theories abound, sociologists will continue to pay attention to this issue in the years to come.

Photo: Alexia Webster 4. Many of the industries textiles, auto, steel that previously offered employment to the black working class have shut down, while newer industries have relocated to the suburbs.

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Structural and cultural factors reinforce each other in complex ways. Rumors appear to reassure people in thinking that there is still an order of things e.

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Isolation limits opportunity, and without opportunity, many find it difficult, if not impossible, to escape extreme poverty. If there is any common association of poverty with bad environment, it's probably because of those pictures of children running around in waste dumps. The amount cause of poverty is lack of money, nevertheless it is not the only cause or effect. Other estimates of poverty in the United States range from 10 percent to 21 percent, depending on one's political leanings. To cope, families will pull their children from school, and sell off everything they own to eat. This is generally money that could go citizens or programs but as an alternative those funds are used into conflicts. The state of having low income has a devastating impact on adults. These children also have a much higher rate of accidents than do other children, and they are twice as likely to have impaired vision and hearing, iron deficiency anemia, and higher than normal levels of lead in the blood, which can impair brain function. Unemployment causes families to live in unsanitary conditions because a lack of financial means to improve living conditions. In other words, when a tiny minority has all the money. Numerous poor countries are poor for the reason that they are continuously fighting. Levels of stress in the family have also been shown to correlate with economic circumstances.

The Causes of Poverty in Developing Nations Essay - The causes of poverty can be attributed to different processes and social forces including warfare, agricultural cycles, weather, natural disasters, and structure of government, corruption and environmental degradation.

Similarly, the effects of poverty on children can last throughout their life Lack of Education There is a direct correlation between low academic performance and poverty. You could call this a poverty of stability. Not something that everyone can grasp, even for a simplified or weirdly interpreted version of the Qur'an.

Causes and consequences of poverty essay

Review this essay: Please note that the above text is only a preview of this essay. Poor leadership is a reason for poverty in Africa because many leaders in Africa do not want to help the common man, they want to help themselves and their families. Extreme poverty is defined as living on less than one dollar a day.

In and71 percent of the families that were below the poverty line did not have any working family members.

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Causes of poverty