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I wrote a half hour tv pilot but I want to turn it into a short. Make sure they really like and understand your writing — as well as giving you good feedback.

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Information about character and story that feels prosaic and expository at the start of the script can often feel exciting when revealed much later in a story! The scripts should be original, not episodes of existing drama series. At the end of the course, having a section of your script performed by top-notch actors and receiving feedback from highly regarded people in the industry was daunting but extremely helpful.

What are your five favourite movies of the past ten years? Indie film director seeks screenwriter who writes action scripts.

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Is that true? Your submission must be your own original work, and may not be based wholly or in part, on the work of any other person, whether known, published, produced, or not ie no adaptations. MUST be horror. Looking for a script 20 pages and under. BE is looking for an experienced games script writer to join our team. Seeking a screenwriter to work with my on my short story concept. So please do not pitch your script if it's over 5 pages. And our mix of apprenticeships, training schemes and industry talent schemes means nowhere can offer a better starting point. You MUST have other financiers already on board with signed contracts. This is regarding a tv series that needs edited. We are looking for a writer who has some experience in Bollywood films to pen a short film around 15 mins. Familiarity with producing quality content to be distributed on social platforms is key. Thank you. Well, one option is to simply sit and wait for the world to discover your genius, all the while lamenting that these philistines and ingrates do not appreciate you in your own time. Must be willing to collaborate on writing.

Look out for events like the London Screenwriters Festival. If in doubt — withhold. Sci-fi is not my genre and I would like a second pair of eyes, re-write. This role begins as soon as possible for one month with a possibility to extend.

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UV seeks a screenwriter with global experience. Think lord of the flies in a hotel.

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