Characteristics of 21st century organisation

Evolving organisms The metaphor of the company as a machine is done. User-centric All work, regardless of its nature, is done for the benefit of another party.

characteristics of a great organization

An American employed by Sony is loyal to that firm. Maurice Lefebvre I am a futurist, system thinker and organizational transformation expert, dedicated to easing our transition into Society 5.

These networks disband once a project has been completed, moving on to new projects carried out by new networks. And here is where the reboot button comes in.

The net benefit from going user-centric is to limit waste by avoiding doing work nobody needs and different from doing what they want. Delivering value to users now becomes the focal point of our endeavours.

importance of business in 21st century

Experience-centric vs. This process can already be seen taking effect in companies such as IBM that are using a values based, i. These are complex specialized networks where employees, suppliers, providers and consumers collaborate to extend the ecosystem beyond the enterprise with one common motive — to weave together a positive customer experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that organizational change works much better by subtraction than addition: removing bureaucratic hurdles, red tape, and unnecessary processes and regulations is far easier and less traumatic on the organization than adding layers of new processes.

What I notice is that what differentiate these models is often far less interesting than what they have in common.

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