Cso gaddis java chapter1 1

Cso gaddis java chapter1 1

Words or names defined by the programmer ANS: B Variables are a. Peopleware ANS: C Firmware d. Pseudocode ANS: C Data hiding d. Object-oriented programming, Procedural programming c.

Starting out with java from control structures through objects 7th edition pdf download

Procedural b. Rules that must be followed when writing a program c. Oak ANS: D 8. In the Programming Process which of the following is not involved in defining what the program is to do a. The physical components that a computer is made of. Syntax is a. Make sure you are in the same directory or folder where the Java program you want to compile is located d. Object c. A dollar ANS: C 4. The original name for Java was a.

Which of the following will compile a program called ReadIt? A procedure is a set of programming language statements that, together, perform a specific task.

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Gaddis Java 5 Chapter 01 Quiz