Culture media preparation essay

Precautions when preparing media

The regenerability of explant may be affected by factors like the organ from which it is taken, the physiological state of the explant, its size, etc. These are grown in pots followed by field trials. Raw Materials: The compounds that make the fermentation broth are the primary raw materials required for antibiotic production. This is met out by organic compounds. Inoculum is added to the fermentation vessel when micro-organisms are in exponential growth phase. A batch culture is a suspension culture in which cells grow in a finite volume of the culture medium and as a result, medium gradually depletes. Batch Culture Fermentation: This type of fermentation is also called a closed culture system because nutrients and other components are added in specific amounts at the start of the process and are not replenished once the fermentation has started. Study of role of light and temperature in flowering. Soma clonal variations are usually heritable for qualitative as well as quantitative characters of plants. Cytokinin promotes embryogenesis iii. Growth regulators: i.

Many microorganisms resemble animals and humans, using organic compounds. The most common contaminants in culture are fungi and bacteria.

To provide an explanation to all such growth patterns.

preparation of solid culture medium

TCBS Vibrio cholerae produces yellow colonies due to fermentation of sucrose 5. Equations 1 and 2 ignore the facts that growth results in the depletion of nutrients and the accumulation of toxic by-products and thus predict that growth continues indefinitely.

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The main advantage of microwave ovens is they take a very short time to do the job. Methylene blue or resazurin is an oxidation-reduction potential indicator that is incorporated in the medium.

Culture media preparation essay

Different types of impellers are: 1. Addition of charcoal serves to neutralize inhibitory factors. Measures to be taken for maintaining asepsis during tissue culture are: i. Physical factors like light, temperature, pH. A good suspension is the one which has high proportion of single cells than the groups of cells. Media for anaerobes may have to be supplemented with nutrients like hemin and vitamin K. During culture practice, an explant is taken from a differentiated, mature tissue. Also helps to study the cytological and histological differentiations. All such examples show that different factors have different type of effect on different developmental activities. However, normally morphological characteristics.

Fed-Batch Culture: In this process the nutrients and substrates are added at the start of the process and at regular intervals after the start.

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Routinely used culture media in microbiology lab