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Lessons from demonstration projects were not always relevant to scale-up.

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Gavi provided 2-year funding for vaccines and operational costs to allow time to assess delivery strategies and potential integration with other adolescent services, develop tools, and prepare applications to Gavi for national program funding.

While the latter is crucial, countries were reportedly reluctant to risk experimenting and potentially lose funding.

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Twenty completed demonstration projects before without announcing plans to scale-up, 5 of which ceased implementing HPV vaccination without attempting to co-finance vaccine and operational costs, 2 conducted further demonstration projects, and the remainder have not indicated a decision.

Increasing the value of demonstration projects for national scale-up Many of the drawbacks above seemed to originate from design choices. Second, communication and social mobilisation activities had to be carefully restricted to avoid perceived inequity among those not receiving vaccination.

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Longer-term comprehensive planning of projects and expansion, or changing to phased national introduction approaches, could accelerate scale-up. Lisbon

Upon successful negotiation, the project kick-off will be agreed and the contract will be sent for signature. August Conclusions Well-designed demonstration projects can test multiple delivery strategies, implementation for challenging areas and populations, and integration with national systems. Human papillomavirus vaccination in Tanzanian schoolgirls: cluster-randomized trial comparing 2 vaccine-delivery strategies. Monitoring the coverage and impact of human papillomavirus vaccine - report of WHO meeting, November However, scale-up is critical to maximise health impact, and further demonstrations could distract momentum and decision-making. For full access to our tools and resources, please provide the information below. Timeline The duration of the end-to-end process is different from project to project and it depends on the time taken by the applicant team to prepare the OP and FP, as well as any necessary iterations. Lessons are relevant for countries intending to introduce HPV vaccination and more broadly for funders supporting introduction of new health interventions in LLMICs.
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Demonstration Projects