Dissociative fugue

Validity of the dissociative experiences scale in screening for multiple personality disorder: a multicenter study.

Dissociative fugue symptoms

Some people are frightened. Compr Psychiatry. Confusion about personal identity or assumption of a new identity partial or complete. Can J Psychiatry. Case presentation The patient is a year old male final year medical student from the South-Eastern region of Nigeria in sub-Saharan Africa. The doctor carefully reviews symptoms and does a physical examination to exclude physical disorders that may contribute to or cause memory loss. However, when the fugue ends, depression , discomfort, grief, shame, intense conflict, and suicidal or aggressive impulses may appear—i. Dissociative disorders trade in one challenge but introduce a new range of side effects and suffering. However, at some point, confusion about his identity or the return of the original identity may make the person aware of amnesia or cause distress. It became clear that his memories extended only until the age of A fugue in progress is rarely recognized.

Overview Dissociative fugue is a type of amnesia that is caused by an extreme psychological trauma instead of physical trauma, illness, or another medical condition.

He has been writing about psychology and mental health issues since Conclusion The observation in this case report brings to the fore that dissociative fugue is often related to stressful life events and can comorbid with a depressive disorder.

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The episode was diagnosed as dissociative fugue. The length of a fugue may range from hours to weeks or months, occasionally longer.

Quick Links Treating Dissociative Amnesia and Dissociative Fugue Comprehensively When we accidentally touch a pan on the stove or something else extremely hot, our bodies react immediately by pulling us away from the source of injury and pain.

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Symptoms During the fugue, people may appear and act normal or appear only mildly confused and attract no attention.

Acknowledgements The author thanks Dr C. He entered a fugue state on December 4,and is still working on regaining his entire life's memories. After the fugue ends, many people remember their past identity and life up to when the fugue began.

However, for others, remembering takes longer and occurs more gradually.

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Dissociative amnesia with fugue state can have particularly dangerous consequences and calls for the early intervention of comprehensive and compassionate treatment.

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Dissociative Fugue: Definition, Symptoms, and Causes