Electromagnet science project

Smart Tip: The battery life can die pretty quickly, which is what causes the battery to heat. A: Try using less pressure. Roughly 1 meter about 3 feet of thin copper wire.

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When the copper wire is coiled around an iron nail and attached to a battery, the atoms in the nail start to line up, too. The magnetic field is created when the wire is tightly coiled around an object, this gives off a strong magnetic field.

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Look at the answer to the question "How do I know when the wire is stripped? Q: The threads on the iron bolts make it hard to keep the turns lined up.

Electromagnet science project

See Figure 4 in the Procedure. Problem: How to build a powerful electromagnet? If not, try re-sanding the ends of the magnet wire until all of the reddish insulation is gone, then reconnect and retest the electromagnet. As you move it near the car, what happens? If the clip leads are connected correctly to the coil and battery, but the electromagnet is still not working, then the problem may be that the magnet wire is not completely stripped. Once you have finished making the turns on your coil, it is also important to tape the ending point of the coil firmly to the iron core. Q: My electromagnet is not working. A: If keeping track of how many turns of the magnet wire you have made around the iron core becomes difficult, here are two suggestions. You can find electromagnets in the motors of cars, generators in homes, earphones, loudspeakers, telephones, automatic doors, some bigger doctors' equipment like an MRI machine , and even hard drives. Good Question I am purchasing my materials. Count one turn each time you pass the marker line. This will make it more difficult to keep the turns tightly packed against each other, as they will tend to fall into the threads of the bolt.

If you coil more wire around it will it pick up more paperclips? A: The wire is stripped when the reddish color of the enamel insulation is gone, revealing bright, shiny, golden-colored copper.

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Bad Question Can I use a different part? It is completely normal to see a few small sparks as you connect the alligator clips and complete the circuit. Once you know the diameter of the wire, you can calculate how much of the iron core should be covered by a certain number of coils.

To make an even stronger electromagnet, coil your copper wire around a large iron nail.

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We attempt to reply to questions within 24 hours. Does the thickness of the wire affect the power of the electromagnet? Is this something to worry about? Q: How do I know when the wire is stripped? The south pole of your magnet repels the north pole of the magnet on the car, making the car move forward. How can I make it work? First, draw a line straight down the iron core with a permanent marker. Second, you may find it helpful to hold the iron core in one hand and the wire in the other. Experiment some more with your electromagnet. The alligator clips will hold this thicker section of wire more easily. A: Try using less pressure. Science Bob. You can also try stripping the insulation off a longer section of the magnet wire tail and folding over the end of the tail to make it thicker. Try to pick up some paperclips with the wire-wrapped nail.
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The Strength of an Electromagnet