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Ultimately, the Articles were simply a weak form of government.

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The patriarchs wanted a government that balanced between abuse and inefficiency The Articles of Confederation described by many founding fathers to be a document that was crafted to satisfy needs of every state for its ratification, even when the document did not present a responsible democracy Shortly after the Revolutionary War, America, had no way of compensating soldiers, or honoring investors and foreign nations for their loans The first being the Articles of Confederation, which were ratified by Maryland on March 1, was heavily favored in granting power to the states individually, and very limiting on what Congress can do within the borders of each state The Articles of Confederation did not give the federal government enough authority to be effective.

They were written by the same people who all in all had similar ideas. After the American Revolution, Americans were very suspicious with a strong central government, as they think the United State government would control over tariff and limited human rights just like what Great Britain had done in the past.

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Effectiveness of the Articles Of Confederation essays