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Neither is necessarily better but rather they try different points of view.

Female authors using initials

The chauvinist king of the stage, David Mamet, suffered a serious blow this past season when he attempted to center a play The Anarchist on two women. But there are strong opinions. I am sure there is a lesson here. Choose a category: Find Now Your course. Anna Karenina. Hilary Mantel has also wowed critics and readers with HIStorical fiction, and Louise Erdrich wrote the prize-winning The Round House from the viewpoint of a teenage boy. But the attempt at understanding, empathy, and inhabiting the soul of someone whose life experience is not ours, helps us grow as writers, and people too. You know how it is. The final work of the voice of so many women, Nora Ephron, is soon to open on Broadway—and revolves around a man. This is not an awards show, of course. Her chocolate waist moved like an alluring siren calling me to crash on the rocks of her brown buttocks.

Below we have profiled 12 women authors, from Louisa May Alcott to J. Sheldon adopted the male pseudonym to gain better recognition in the male dominated literary genre of science fiction and to distance herself from her past writings.

But some people can't get outside their sex to do that.

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It can be done—Madame Bovary comes to mind—but the reader will often begin from a suspicious wariness. David Mamet; Focus Features; Jeffrey Eugenides If we want to investigate the way women have been "written" through the years by the opposite sex, we should return to the beginning. All ten actresses nominated for Oscar performances this year played characters written by men.

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So I told her that. The true identity of Constantine was discovered by professor and author Daphne Patai in the s. Achieving great success as a female writer in a male dominated world, Alcott is a revolutionary icon in both the literary world and the realm of gender equality.

Male authors writing from female perspective

Frankenstein , by Mary Shelley. During a period in American history when female writers were taken less seriously than male writers, Alcott decided to publish her works either under her assumed male identity or anonymously. However, we have had a few revolutions since, resulting in a lot of space on the shelves, the stage, and the screen devoted to feminine mystiques and mistakes. While women probably still write their own parts better, cheers for all who are daring to probe the ever-changing state of the sexes. Michele Willens Mar 2, Authors of both genders have long experimented with narrators and protagonists of the opposite sex—but there's still debate as to whether either sex can do it right. She sighed. Soft skin, perfectly round breasts, curvy waist, and an ass the size of Montana. Karen Blixen : More widely known by her male pen name, Isak Dinesen, Blixen was a Danish author prominent in the mid twentieth century.
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Let me just mansplain that for you: When male authors take on a female voice