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By Jon Caramanica March 8, For years, the world of high fashion has ignored, flirted with and appropriated hip-hop. Some people want their stuff on artists that are hot off the presses. Many were—and still are—notoriously guarded over which celebrities get to wear and subsequently publicize their clothes. No one in the genre has acted more boldly, taken more risks, more assiduously pushed the boundaries of what might constitute hip-hop fashion. Michael Jordan's cover on Sports Illustrated was an iconic moment in hip-hop fashion because he was able to influence millions of people into the direction of baggy shorts, baggy tops, and gold chains. Finally, the style is as cool on the runway as it is on the street. And when hordes of young guys — young straight guys, for the most part — began to puff out their chests and talk about clothes, they by and large used the language of hip-hop. Hip-hop fashion represents a subversive discourse; fashion companies recognize this standpoint as being favorable if they wish to affect values and attitudes that are urban and therefore cool.

After Pharrell, hip-hop style lost its consistency, but it found its voice. Whale tail peeking above low rise jeans The rebirth of the s snapback caps is the most notable sign of the new school throwback image.

Designer brands such as Louis Vuitton or Versace align themselves with influential musicians because of the potential gains, but simultaneously maintain distance from these allies outside of advertising, "almost as with a keen desire to hold the controlling hand in these relationships" and control their public image.

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Although branded performance sportswear was initially popular in hip-hop culture, its displacement was prompted when Lil' Kim-among other hip-hop stars-used important designer labels to create an image of privilege and status.

Hip Hop has also influenced shoe design. They introduced traditional African clothing and references to their wardrobes — sportswear in red, green and black, beaded jewellery and kufis, paired with the military fatigues of the Black Panthers.

A characteristic of hip-hop fashion is the multiple themes that are filtered through the aspirations of wearers and designers alike.

Hip hop fashion

Image Over the past few seasons, the gulf between luxury fashion and street wear has largely disappeared. Stars such as Rihanna , Cassie and Kelis have all set the new trend of the half-shaven head. These companies separate into those that follow an accurate rendition of hip-hop fashion and those companies that seek to cross over and produce designs that have broad mass fashion appeal rather than a specialist hip-hop appeal. Bling cross pendants, bullet chain and iced out bling bracelets drip from the bodies of our favorite artists. The B-boy expression has successfully crossed the subcultural divide. Perkins, William Eric, ed. When the Wu Tang Clan launched its own brand, Wu Wear, a generation of artists realised that they could control what they promoted and how they were rewarded. During this time, Hip Hop fashion experienced a new genre of artists known as gangsta rappers. At the same time, hip-hop fashion was turning upscale, with premium lines like A Bathing Ape and expensive retro sneakers becoming the new objects of desire. But a few years ago, I spotted a glut of it during a Barneys Warehouse Sale; the next year, the same glut. DeLeon cuts rap fashion into two eras: before and after Pharrell. This year, Gucci even set Day up with a new shop in Harlem, stocked with exclusive and heavily monogrammed fabrics, so that he could kit out a new generation of rap royalty. Cue social media uproar, a reach-out from one designer to another and, a few months later, a Dapper Dan-fronted Gucci ad campaign. White kids in the suburbs tilt their hats in honor of Hip Hop. The overstated stylization of the B-boy is articulated in humorous, exaggerated, and outlandish clothes that are sometimes similar to an animated cartoon character.

Female rap group Salt-N-Pepa are considered amongst the frontrunners in leading the transition of moving away from the male alignment and asserting feminism in creating a new sense of dress. The "new" snapback hype started around mid Many of the fashion objects utilized by the s B-boy were affirmations of the pres.

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