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Your ramming grill, engine, and most importantly, your armor, will make the biggest impact on your weight, so test out which upgrades make the least impact on the weight. After the Magnum Opus has been upgraded significantly, Max tracks down Scrotus and takes out his war party. Boarder Spikes: The Magnum Opus is an evolving work of art, but few crazies of the Wasteland respect that.

What about the goons on the road? The vehicle used by Max and Chumbucket can be changed, upgraded and modified in various ways.

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The Magnum Opus equipped with the Wild Hunt body and various other mods. While other upgrades can significantly decrease the handling, increasing handling doesn't effect other stats.

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The high number of possible combinations may seem a bit daunting at first, but the fun of customizing the Magnum Opus comes from its depth and the reward of building or finding new parts.

Suspension: A good engine will help make a heavy chassis move faster, but upgrading your suspension gives your wheels more precious elbow room. The team at Avalanche Studios walks us through the process of this ambitious undertaking and we get insight from two of the people involved in the game.

You also have plenty of decals to choose from, but these will run you scrap a piece. New key will greatly improve the time required for completing a repair.

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