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This will be long as our layovers are also. The bottom line is this - the Escape is NOT cheap and it is a good time. Upon landing pm we learn they will be sailing early so we need to be there between 9am and 11am.

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Everyone will be able to find something that appeals. It's a problem because the Escape just doesn't have a lot of usable space for a ship this large, there is simply too much congestion, and then throw in blocked hallways and staircases into the mix simply to take a portrait, c'mon now!

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A first-at-sea Margaritaville? That morning we call NCL once they opened at am and after 20 minute wait remarkably short based on past experience we get Greg who insists we have no air through NCL. Knowing that 3 day Loud music, loud people, loud venues. They were clean, but all had a horrible odor. One stand out was the hibachi! An indoor-outdoor dining concept, called The Waterfront, which allows passengers to dine seaside? The service was absolutely excellent, the food was excellent. Loved this part until again the tour ruined it.

Let me say that in my case - I love cruising. A first-at-sea Margaritaville? It really depends on one's personal experience and frame of reference.

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