Is high stakes testing effective essay

She attempts to clarify how students with disabilities feel when taking these tests and how it affects their attitude as well as their self-esteem High-stakes tests contribute to making decisions about examinees and institutions in many societies, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and Singapore.

essay on standardized testing pros and cons

Guskey, T. They said they must be supremely organized and strict enforcers of classroom rules.

The last standardization is time allotment. By using standardized test scores, states link high stakes to the results such as grant money, salary, and jobs as incentive to improve the scores for the following year High schools are failing to prepare students with the skill set they need for higher education and the workforce. The archery test would consist of shooting three arrows into a target and would be graded based on how many landed. At the end of secondary school, students complete examinations that are used to make college admission decisions and some students receive scholarships based on the test scores. From professors to deans to education experts to parents, it is commonly denounced as a practice signaling a failing strategy that is on the wrong track. Educational Leadership, 56 6 , The purpose of the research was clearly stated under a sub-heading. This places pressure on everyone from administrators to students in a school district. The way to succeed in this journey is through standardized testing that results in consequences for teachers and students. Improvement in our education system is necessary if we want to keep up with the best nations in the world.

In many cases students are placed in remedial classes or even held back because of their low grades. Since the No Child Left Behind Act NCLB ofhigh stakes testing has become the norm and mandating that students must pass a standardized test before moving up in grade.

This denotes a question of validity and reliability with assessment. As schools struggle to meet the act's impossibly high goals, many incentives to keep underperforming students out, or to hold those already in the school back present themselves.

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In many instances students are held back or placed in remedial classes because of lower grades It often affects students on a mental level, making them extremely nervous, then breaking them down on a mental level.

It also hurts the teachers in many ways, including temptation to cheat.

Is high stakes testing effective essay
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For and against standardized tests: Two student perspectives