Keystone xl pipeline a risky venture

Liberals have used opposition to the pipeline as a figurehead for the environmentally conscious. Gulf Coast.

Now we still believe it will go ahead. On Nov. The recent ruling in Montana now requires the federal government to take a second look at financial justifications for the pipeline, effects on greenhouse gas emissions and impacts on Native American lands.

Analysts, including at CIBC Capital Markets, have speculated the State Department will need to issue a supplemental environmental impact statement on the project, a process that could take six months. However, just last week according to New Scientist, 5, barrels of oil were spilled near Amherst, South Dakota.

Although it will be forced to follow a different path than what was originally intended, the ramifications of this love child of big oil and deranged politicians are still potentially staggering.

keystone pipeline

Government-mandated production quotas have weighed on investor sentiment toward Canadian energy stocks, but Husky Energy's chief executive, also speaking at the Barclays investor conference, said curtailments would likely ease.

She said she expects other midstream companies — such as Kinder Morgan Inc.

It should be kept as far from Nebraska as possible. State Department has conducted detailed studies on potential spills and cumulative emissions impacts from oilsands pipelines. The Keystone XL pipeline is an ill-advised and potentially damaging venture. TransCanada told investors it expects to raise its dividend at an average annual rate of eight to 10 per cent through , an outlook supported by expected growth in earnings and cash flow. But time will tell. Earlier this month, a US district court halted construction of the pipeline pending another environmental assessment EA. At its recent investor's day meeting in Toronto, the company says it remains committed to Keystone XL, and is open to a joint-venture partner to help finance construction. Little said he believes plans to expand the Canadian government-owned Trans Mountain pipeline are "in pretty good shape," and noted there is still ongoing work by Enbridge Inc to replace its Line 3 in Minnesota. A federal court judge in Montana told TransCanada to halt construction on the project until the U. Still, there is a sense of urgency in getting Keystone XL built, or nearly complete, before the next U.

Canadian crude-by-rail volumes have increased this year as companies look for alternatives to congested pipelines, even though it is a more expensive way of transporting crude. The discounts for Canadian oil, measured as Western Canada Select, are likely to persist until sufficient pipeline export capacity are built, Miller said.

This is an unacceptable gain, especially for a world that should be attempting to reverse and limit the human-made damage to the environment.

Keystone xl pipeline a risky venture

TransCanada says the ruling didn't specify whether that applied to pre-construction activitiessuch as finalizing contracts and purchase agreements.

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Keystone XL Pipeline