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Events The ILA AB regularly sponsors events addressing topical issues in international law and involving speakers who are working in the field of international law.

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Papers accepted by the jury will be assured publication in a member journal. The winner will have their entry punished in the Newsletter of the Commonwealth Legal Education and it may also be published in the journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education. It argues that the current approach is inadequate and presents some options for reform.

Efforts are being undertaken to attach an honarium and travel expenses for the presentation of the paper. All you need to do is write a word response to why you would benefit from the scholarship.

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The decision of the judging panel will be final. The author or authors of the papers selected by the jury will be invited to present the work at the Association's meeting in Dublin. Recent Australian case law suggests that workers in the gig economy are characterised as independent contractors, which differs from the position taken in other jurisdictions, such as the UK and California. Some may still be open, but some may have closed. All university tuition costs and housing costs are covered, and a generous living allowance is provided. The Call is addressed to doctoral students, advanced professional students, and academic researchers in the early stage of their careers. Research of an empirical nature within the Call's purview is most welcome. Most universities offer a large number of equity and merit scholarships.

I would strongly consider this scholarship for the ability to apply the money to attend a conference of interest to you. This is just to name a few.

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More often than not, only the true high achievers win these scholarships. If you are currently studying law then you should check your university webpage now. Not too bad!

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