Marketting reasearch topshop

TOPSHOP plus stock up to date fashion clothes and accessories before any of its competitors does in the market because of the brand status many sellers want to work with TOPSHOP as they have so much publicity and celebrity endorsement.

topshop target market 2018

Doing this would make their customers feel confident in themselves when purchasing products as they are seeing an unidealistic view of body image. Its success has arisen from adherence to quality, innovation, creativity and maintenance of product value.

That was perhaps the most important lesson we took from the results.

Marketting reasearch topshop

For example, firms such as Topshop can be able to export their products into the member states more cost effectively. Having high prices makes it less appealing to young people and students as they have a less disposable income to spend on themselves compared to adults.

The high consumer bargaining power means that Topshop has to develop customer trust in order to sustain its sales growth. As a result of the crisis, the UK has experienced an increment in the rate of unemployment to Additionally, Topshop also promotes its products through emerging social communication networks such as Facebook.

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Lara Robertson. Over time, TOPSHOP will come to be known not only as just the fashion accessory provider but much rather a trend setter especially with its in-house designer brands and those exclusively introduced and introduced by fashion industry leaders.

Topshop strengths

Threat of substitute The large number of competitors in the UK fashion industry presents consumers with an opportunity to select from a wide range of products. Retail is a popular market as many new designers and stores are always popping Using marketing research is the most common kind of research as you can determine your market how you need to brand your product. As a new feature for the website, Topshop should allow customers to make reviews and comments alongside products they have purchased. Consequently, the firm is not mainly dependent on suppliers for its finished products. One Instagram influencer that would be able to promote this new brand is Michelle Chavez michelleforgood www. This piece of content celebrates a significant time of year and its also a very personal one where people get together and thank the people they love. Weaknesses High cost of operation —The firm has a large human resource base and store space which increases cost of operation.
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How Topshop Embraces Social Intelligence