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Mycological and Mycotoxicological profile Of Some Meat products.

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Tropical Medicine. Subsequently Karrar, Kaiser and Hoogstraal stated that A. Hassan, S. MVSc, thesis Improvement of microbiological status of oriental sausage. Salim found that the dominant tick species infesting horses in Kosti was Hy. Raha and K. Mohammed and Hassan studied the ticks that infested sheep in Sennar State and recorded A. Salem, A. Tropical Biomedicine 23 1 : 61— MVSc, thesis Chemical analysis of chicken meat with relation to its quality. In Gadarif, the predominant species on horses was Hy. Ticks belonging to the genera Amblyomma, Rhipicephalus Boophilus , Hyalomma and Rhipicephalus were reported from cattle, camels and horses in and around Nyala town, with Hy. ElImam, A. The second year will be devoted to full time research in a selected area relevant to the programme chosen by candidate.

Pest Management Sc. Microbiological status of raw cow milk marketed in northern Jordan.

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Nile Hilton Hotel, Egypt. Osman b recorded A. In the same state, Abdalla reported T.

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They feed on blood, leading to anaemia, and the injuries caused by their attachment damage hides and predispose animals to secondary bacterial infections that may lead to mastitis. A satisfactory grade will have to be obtained at this presentation before proceeding to the second year programme. To satisfy the requirements of the degree candidates must: a complete any specified probationary requirements; b complete any prescribed units of study; c conduct research on the approved topic; and d write a thesis embodying the results of the research. Marcellino recorded A. Osman b recorded A. Latif, A. Maw, N. Optional Courses: in addition to the above courses, candidates must also take at least two optional courses, selected from among those that are relevant to their programme of study.

Programme Structure Each programme consists of two components, namely a coursework and b thesis research. Abdoon, A. Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal,40 64 Part 7: Other 19 Transitional provisions 1 These course resolutions apply to students who commenced their candidature after 1 January, and students who commenced their candidature prior to 1 January, who elect to proceed under these resolutions.

dr sadan bag ivri

In Gadarif, the predominant species on horses was Hy. MVSc, thesis Chemical analysis of chicken meat with relation to its quality.

First report of bovine lungworm disease in South-East Asia.

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