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The value of looking backward That process has a name — sentinel event review. Left to stand trial and with just days before jury selection, he sought permission to amend the pretrial order so he could revamp his trial strategy.

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The agreement allowed Scardina, should she want, to pursue her own civil action against Masterpiece. It was a long wait leading up to the trial in Even that standard isn't meant to preclude any flexibility.

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See media help. His widowed wife pursued negligence claims against the doctors and hospital.

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Not a Lexis Advance subscriber? Evans in , Lawrence v. And it stumbles over the one detail that matters most: Jack serves everyone; he just cannot express all messages through his custom cakes. The signs became iconic in Potsdam. Listen Share Mar 08, — A St. Phillips was the year-old boy who was fatally attacked at his home in Potsdam in Attorneys for Autumn Scardina, a transgender woman, filed a complaint against Phillips in state court Wednesday. Tests showed he probably had throat cancer. Supreme Court for this ruling. Rain is no longer in office, and the new St. While the majority ruled that the ban was within the President's powers and sent the case back to lower courts to rule on other matters, Sotomayor believed that the decision of Masterpiece should have been used to judge President Trump and his administration's statements that she believed showed hostility towards Muslims and would have not justified the ban. The Oregon Supreme Court declined to overturn an anti-discrimination ruling made against a bakery by the Oregon Court of Appeals, with the baker petitioning the federal Supreme Court to hear the case. Lawrence County to keep the case in the public eye. The Commission compared Phillips' religious beliefs to defense of slavery or the Holocaust. Hawaii , U.

When asked if it was under investigation, Pasqua responded: "I think that's safe to say, yes. An additional requirement was to report to the government for two years all cakes that he declined to create and the reasons why.

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New leads surface in Phillips murder