Planning and essay

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The second page, Writing an Essay , provides more information on the steps involved in actually writing an essay. Planning your essay makes it more likely that you have a coherent argument It enables you to work out a logical structure and an end point for your argument before you start writing It means you don't have to do this type of complex thinking at the same time as trying to find the right words to express your ideas It helps you to commit yourself to sticking to the point! In this way, a well-planned and structured essay enables the reader, or marker, to follow the points being made easily. Essay structure is guided by its content and argument so every essay will pose unique structural challenges. Write three or four key points that you think will support your argument. Producing an Essay Plan The essay plan below contains ten steps. If it is open-ended you will need to narrow it down. To help you do this, you might find the following list of stages helpful. Structure your plan around the different parts of an essay. Your writing By rehearsing your arguments in detail you will avoid the problem of trying to do the two most difficult things in writing at the same time: pinning down your ideas clearly, and then summoning up the words and phrases that will convey them accurately. Remember to reference your examples when you write up your essay. Study the essay question intently.

In the writing of an assignment, learning occurs as you think through and interpret the points raised together with those of other writers on the subject. Indicate on the outline where you feel that some further research is necessary. Planning an Essay See also: Critical Thinking This page is the first of two that describe the processes involved in producing an essay for academic purposes, for school, college or university.

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Use a template plan? Planning in an exam Spend the first five to ten minutes writing down your plan before you begin to write the essay. However, do not make major adjustments unless you are absolutely certain about the alternative and how it fits into your original scheme.

Planning and essay

We recommend you read both pages to gain a full understanding. Without this you're likely to lose them, and if they can't see why your arguments are relevant, or they can't see what you're doing and why, they cannot give you marks, no matter how good your work might be.

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Planning and structuring your essay