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Students are expected to analyze and interpret critically the results of experiments, to use their results to guide subsequent experiments, and to integrate knowledge from various sources. Each thesis is read and graded by the student's adviser and two other faculty members.

It should move logically from this background to one or more clearly articulated, testable hypotheses.

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Our program is multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative. Evaluation of the program involves faculty and students and helps us to identify the need for new courses, policies, and activities that keep the program fresh. The thesis is capped by a discussion that frames and summarizes the research question splaces the results in the context of existing knowledge, analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the research, and suggests future directions for research in that area.

Abstract The Genetics and Molecular Biology GMB Training Program at Princeton University has as its primary goal the education of carefully selected individuals for the research, teaching, and industrial needs of this country.

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Research is performed in well-equipped laboratories with support from state-of-the-art core facilities in the department. Sources of data could include but are not limited to : online databases chosen in consultation with the thesis adviser, existing experimental data perhaps from the adviser's lab, or new student-initiated surveys or ethnographic studies.

The GMB program is the major source of training funds for the Molecular Biology Graduate Program, which has a member training faculty who are currently mentoring graduate students, 98 postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate majors. Copies of senior theses from to the present are housed at Mudd Library.

Public Health Relevance The Genetics and Molecular Biology Training Program at Princeton University trains graduate students for careers in biomedical research, teaching, and related fields. In addition, trainees gain teaching experience and receive broad training in responsible conduct of research at different stages of the program.

We receive approximately applications to our program per year and are successful in attracting some of the best students in the country. We have developed a Diversity Program that has been highly successful in identifying and recruiting under-represented students.

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