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In the case of unions, it is important to realize that unions have their own goals. Axe is available in four fragrances: Java, Alaska, Atlantis and Voodoo. The intellectual property rights ensure that the firm can safely invest in the brand and can reap the benefits over a long period of time.

It is the reception of the message, which goes to create the intended image.

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In the long run, unfavorable opinions certainly affect sales. Again, as in medicine prevention is considered more important than the cure, PR believes in maintaining the good health of the corporate body -so that drastic remedies and bitter pills may not have to be swallowed later. Only testing of this idea could help us to conclude whether to roll out from the concept from programmes of pay channels to programmes of free channels. Creativity in PR means more than just pretty pictures and good copy. Hence catching attention would be much easier. To gauge the effectiveness of PR in HUL over the last decade it is necessary to examine its function and overall areas of applicability. The basic function of communications and PR in the organisation is not just better functioning, but a fostering of goodwill, trust, and togetherness among employees. They provide their clients a wide range of services and expertise in PR and advertising. Let us now see, certain branding strategies adopted by HUL:- HLL has a large brand portfolio consisting of nearly bands.

But there is little doubt that instances of such conduct are few indeed in relation to the enormity of the problems facing a country as vast as India with a burgeoning population a large part of it living below the poverty line.

Others who sampled the brand had mixed opinions.

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Lakme today, has grown to have a wide variety of products and services that cover all facets of beauty care, and arm the consumer with products to pamper herself from head to toe. But the scope of story telling is far greater. They endow the company with a scale of combined volumes of about 4 million tonnes and sales of Rs. In fact, ice-creams have become a profitable business for HUL within its foods portfolio which includes beverages and processed foods. The mission is, in fact, a framework for business and all its activities, the value that drive the company to achieve the corporate goals. Apart from beverages, the kiosks are also expected to serve ice-creams. Industrial relations are most often concerned with problems related to wages, other monetary benefits, conditions of work, and so on. Hence the major challenge would lie before scriptwriter and director. This environment is often taken for granted but in times of social turmoil when normal conditions are disrupted the dependence of the organisation on the social environment is brought home sharply. Axe is available in four fragrances: Java, Alaska, Atlantis and Voodoo. Social Responsibility of Business and Introduction The need for PR arises also from the responsibility that an organisation owes to the society, which nurtures it and enables it to function and operate. Of course the context has to be right and should be very much along the script not that it would destroy the element of entertainment. Yet it is worth saying again and again.

This makes it more difficult to deal with them in many respects. In India, the first shadow advertisement was used in movie "Bobby" where motorcycle "Rajdoot" was advertised. Customer and Supplier Relations 5. HUL have programmes like "Antakshari" in which participants take 8 part in groups.

Graduating from its existing vending machines, almost 50 such kiosks are planned this year which it would set up at corporate parks, railway stations and airports.

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Penetrating the rural markets is, therefore, one of the key challenges for any marketer. Of course the ad budget of HUL is far bigger than the total budget of many entertainment houses. How often have we not seen during periods of national strife or serious political instability leading to a break down of law and order that business comes to a standstill? Publicity is certainly one of the instruments of PR but is would be as wrong to equate publicity with PR just as it would be to equate the stethoscope with the practice of modern medicine. Firstly, the PR for the government as an organisation and Secondly, PR with the governments as the target group. Hence, the concept of shadow advertisement can be extended further so that the theme of the advertising would become endemic to entertaining show. The core proposition of Clinic All Clear is that it is "the only shampoo that gives you dandruff-free soft hair. It has also 14 acquired several ongoing brands from the market. Pond's is about beauty that reflects the times. In India too there are business organizations, which are aware of their social responsibility and have made an effort to discharge it in accordance with their resources and the needs of the situation. Let us now see, certain branding strategies adopted by HUL:- HLL has a large brand portfolio consisting of nearly bands. Brand loyalty provides predictability and security of demand for the firm and creates barriers to entry that makes it difficult for other firms to enter the market.

Inadequate communications result in an ambiguous corporate image within as well as outside and lead to breakdown in the co-ordination of all contributing elements in an organisation. In a significant move, with long-term benefits, HLL has mounted an initiative, Project Streamline, to further increase its rural reach with the help of rural sub-stockists.

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The world over business organisation which are forward looking and farsighted are trying to make a contribution to social causes apart from achieving their immediate and ultimate ends of producing goods for sale and marketing them at a profit.

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