Saving a boyfriend cd collections and shoebox full of pictures from the fire

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Now, if you were regularly trawling through your photos of old exes while dating your current partner and wistfully thinking back to those days, that might be a different matter.

If this is too divergant from the OP, I can save it for another time I'm gonna delete my photos from my vacation because my ex is in them? That said, how is keeping a private computer account different than having a locked office in the house?

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I've been using computers forever, and I've always made my own account as a matter of practice, while my girlfriend or other housemates always get their own too. Click to expand. Once you break-up with someone you should never ever keep those pictures. While physical images are vulnerable to fire, water damage, and sheer negligence, a sense of security comes with being able to protect something tangible, which can be tough to replicate with digital photos.

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As for this: Should I move them off of my day-to-day mac and onto an external drive and then down into the basement?

She thought it was sad I threw them away.

Making a family photo album

The chance of finding it was slim, Wise said: Each truck carries 22 tons of material and the plant receives about tons of recyclable material per day. It wasn't the same as throwing away the importance of the men in my life, or fond memories. My reaction would be "this happened to me and is part of my life If the significant other is fine with things just being out of sight, then problem solved. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps? Luckily, he was able to recover it — hundreds of miles from home. Meg St-Esprit is a writer based in Pittsburgh.

And I would have been horrified if he'd deleted them on my behalf. About thirty minutes later, he was at my door with my ice cream.

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Preserving Kids’ Photos in the Digital Age