School leaver programmes business plan

Examples of school leaver programmes Enough talk, here are examples of some actual school leaver programmes offered by some of the top companies in the UK:. Careers in Construction Week Our Apprenticeship programmes offer a wide range of opportunities to people who are looking to start a career in the construction industry.

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The reviews are just one click around the corner You can read our overview of sponsored degrees here. One of the biggest thresholds young adults will have to pass is secondary school. Even if you made the decision to go to University, you will have yet another dilemma to deal with; What should I study in University?

Potential for immediate employment: many vocational training schools have employment agreements for their students with companies in their field. For example, an individual with a degree in Economics and Finance will have more earning potential out of University than a primary school. These schemes are as beneficial to employers as they are for school leavers.

Job ideas for school leavers

Being locked into a specific industry: Although there is always the potential to transition into a different career with further training and monetary expense , a specific vocational training might lock you into a very specific industry and career path. Another factor is employability, because that not only means you will start making money earlier, you will have more opportunities for both vertical and horizontal career moves because of the availability of work. Companies have realised that they can use school leaver programmes to assemble their future workforce. Like Fireman Sam, we deliver on all of our promises. You can read our overview of sponsored degrees here. Compared to non-degree holders, university degree holders not only make more money during their professional life, but they also experience fewer interruptions in employment. A programme can be designed to prepare a school leaver for a specific role in the company.

This is the place to find one. This can be one of the biggest dilemmas a young adult will encounter.

school leaver programmes business plan

Just this year a whopping 50, graduates are in jobs that do not require a degree. Entry requirements will vary from company to company, but overall they will be looking for bright, young, ambitious candidates with an interest in their industry, who are keen to leap straight into the world of work.

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KPMG school leavers spend an entire year at university before returning for work placements. They are a fantastic opportunity for you to get on the career ladder early, in a wide-range of jobs and industries.

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School leaver and Apprenticeship programmes