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It is not the case that every poem has a new thematic concept; rather he replicates his collection of themes again and again.

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His ability to unite this with the local is praised in his Nobel nomination for poems "which exalt everyday miracles". The poem also deals with the psychology of a child. It was also announced that two-thirds of the poetry collections sold in the UK the previous year had been Heaney titles.

And his is the gift of saying something extraordinary while, line by line, conveying a sense that this is something an ordinary person might actually say.

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Is Heaney completely uncritical of his own side? He draws parallels between ancient human sacrifices and the contemporary violence which was engulfing his native Ulster at the time. They just turned up and he went with it. Heaney and other Northern poets such as Montague, Mahon, and Longley have come to prominence because of their efforts to make poetry relevant in a difficult political backdrop. Childhood innocence and psychology is the subject matter of many poems of Seamus Heaney. Heaney is an Irishman and he is the one, who can better understand the pains and miseries of his fellowmen. Heaney talks about his background, writing, influences and much No Irish poet has such like ability to write a poem on a small incident while mixing different themes in it. What is righteousness? Other later works, including Seeing Things and The Spirit Level , continue in meditative and self-reflective mode, particularly with regard to the role and responsibility of the poet in society and the desire to strike a balance between artistic and socio-political concerns. In this piece Heaney comes up against a presence that experience has taught him to be wary of. He writes of these matters with rare discrimination and resourcefulness, and a winning impatience with received wisdom. Heaney describes the beauty of the landscape and the changing light and the feelings it will inspire. The less common but most important theme, which should also be mentioned, is the theme of dread and fear.

Malcolm Jones in Newsweek stated: "Heaney's own poetic vernacular—muscular language so rich with the tones and smell of earth that you almost expect to find a few crumbs of dirt clinging to his lines—is the perfect match for the Beowulf poet's Anglo-Saxon…As retooled by Heaney, Beowulf should easily be good for another millennium.

Heaney is an Irishman and he is the one, who can better understand the pains and miseries of his fellowmen. Heaney has attracted a readership on several continents and has won prestigious literary awards and honors, including the Nobel Prize.

His poetry often draws on childhood memories of growing up on a farm in Co.

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Various Themes in the Poems of Seamus Heaney