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In particular, epidemiological studies had shown a contrary correlation between sleep duration and BMI [9]. Sleep medicine in Saudi Arabia emphasising that there are many demands for further sleep studies to discuss the issues on the prevalence of numerous sleep disorders amongst Saudi population related to lifestyle and body composition [10].

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Many health consultants around the world agreed that there is a health danger if the level of fat is Unfortunately, use of nasal CPAP was not evaluated and the short duration of follow up 3 years and the small number of observed events did not allow the specific assessment of the effects of therapy. Females are more prone to insomnia, while males are more likely to suffer from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea and snoring. As part of the cognitive disfunction and daytime sleepiness, it is well known that patients with OSA are at higher risk for motor vehicle accidents [ 23 ]. This review summarizes the latest knowledge on the different contributors to OSA with a focus on measurement techniques including emerging clinical tools designed to facilitate translation of new cause-driven targeted approaches to treat OSA. There are data that suggest it. While in-laboratory PSG is comprehensive, it is also labor intensive, time-consuming, and costly see the study by Edwards et al 46 for a review. In addition with mortality, in cohort studies, OSA has been linked with incident cardiovascular outcomes such as hypertension [ 18 ], coronary artery disease [ 19 ], myocardial infarction [ 20 ] and stroke [ 13 ]. Researchers found significant prediction between sleep duration in overweight male and z-score of BMI, where the long duration of sleep was linked with risk for overweight and lower BMI. Weight-loss intervention is effective to improve the cardiovascular risk-factor profile in obese patients with or without OSA. A high level of fat percentage associated with a threat for health problems for stance high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and sleeping disorder.

There were another four prospective studies with three of them only including elderly population with contradictory results [ 78910 ]. Daily routine work at home that leads to reduced sleep and increased food intake.

Multivariate analysis adjusted for potential confounders showed that untreated severe OSA increased significantly the risk of fatal cardiovascular events odds ratio 2.

American adults reported around Keywords: pathophysiology, sleep-disordered breathing, arousal, upper airway physiology, control of breathing, precision medicine Introduction Obstructive sleep apnea OSA is an increasingly common, chronic, sleep-related breathing disorder.

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Sleep is a natural process that allows the body and brain to rest and recover. Quality of Sleep is not only effective as an indicator of health but also a key component of quality of life [1].

In USA, among patients without pre-existing cardiovascular diseases who were referred to a Sleep Center for the evaluation of sleep-disordered breathing, Yaggi and colleagues reported an increased risk for death or stroke in OSA patients and a dose-effect relationship between OSA severity and risk [ 13 ].

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that CPAP does not improve glycemic control measure as HbA1c [ 47 ]. Numerous studies found that there is an effect of sleep on body composition.

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These concepts have been the focus of several recent review articles e. There are data that suggest it.

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Obstructive sleep apnea: current perspectives