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Thank you for this enlightenment. But his corrections for gender, prepositions and general flow were of course much better than any of the automated grammar checkers. Give me any other information you think it is important. Knowing the difference between the grammar structure of English and Spanish will make a difference when proofreading an academic article in Spanish.

Without a doubt, an essential tool from the moment we started to use it. If you are not native, chances are that you want a professional Spanish corrector to do an academic proofreading of your text.

The site also has a social feature that allows you to friend other users, and these personal connections can help you develop relationships and people to count on as you move forward in your writing in Spanish.

So you just need to make sure you do this. They will point out obvious errors, but they might not make your Spanish flow well, or even sound like something that a native speaker would say.

Where will be the text published? On the other hand, when writing, you have time to think and try your best.

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