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Share: Carbon could be the new staple of the Canadian economy. Mackintosh, William A. Supporting this effort to hold Canada together with an east-west railroad was a faith in technology to overcome physical obstacles. Innis, au contraire, insisted that advances in media are likely to lead to a new dark age Innis, b, p.

Canada emerged as a political entity with boundaries largely determined by the fur trade. The National Policy and the Wheat Economy.

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Harold Innis is no longer a household name in Canada, but perhaps he ought to be. Contemporary proponents of the thesis argue that Innis's version more accurately describes the Canadian situation to the present. The economic history of Canada has been dominated by the discrepancy between the centre and the margin of western civilization. On the economic significance of cultural factors. They argued that such assumptions should be applied to the analyses of any staple economy. Blondheim, Manahem. Innis: A memoir. Carbon and its management competencies could be the new staple of our resource economy; not just the atom and related molecules, in a manner of speaking, but the skills and talents of people curious about how to change its status from liability to asset. The National Policy and the Wheat Economy. This supply-side issue resides in the hands of the staple producers, and Innis pays particular attention to transportation costs as an important cost variable which staple producers can significantly affect to make their staples cost competitive, thus spurring a region's capacity to develop through staple exports. Backward and forward linkages relate to economic activities or industries associated with the production and servicing of the staple and to the further processing of the staple, respectively.

Innis did continue to publish on staples after his breakdown until articles on dairylumberwheatand miningthe latter marking his final publication on staples see, respectively, d—g. When developing his staples thesis, for example, Easterbrook explained, Innis was testing the limitations of the economics mainstream—and he quoted Innis to that effect Easterbrook, b.

He would point to Canada's market access debate and our need to move our hydrocarbons to tidewater as the natural evolution of a staples market.

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Chambers, Edward J. In Innis wrote his editor, James Shotwell, that The Cod Fisheries would be completed within a year; the book was not published, however, until McLuhan, Marshall. Moreover, proof of the analytical value of the staple theory is unrelated to the successful staple-related development.

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Also important, however, were the shocks caused by volatility in the market for wheat and by the weather itself on the growing season. Innis did choose in the s, after all, to inaugurate, in isolation, a new and countervailing approach to economics; he fervently berated the economics mainstream for being as he saw it an instrument for economic exploitation among other non desiderata ; he resigned, and later again threatened to resign, from his position at the University of Toronto—in the latter instance to support another outsider, Frank Underhill with whom he disagreed fervently ; he resigned from an office with the Royal Society of Canada on a matter of principle Creighton, ; he continually made disparaging remarks, from at least the mids, regarding not just the competence but also the integrity of governmental and scholarly elites—including university presidents and other administrators.

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Staples and Staple Theory