The legend of sleepy hollow 2 essay

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The original text created by Irving was intended for the mature reader, a reader who could understand a sense of irony, had knowledge of history, and taste All of these poems were worthy of the literary merit they received, but I would like to write this paper on a poem that is equally as wonderful.

Long ago there was a town called Greenburgh or some called it Tarry Town.

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Washington Irving had to write in a way that the reader could visualize Ichabod Crane and how utterly terrified he was of everything, whereas, Hollywood could use its own Jonny Depp to deliver a wonderful performance Apart from the fact that they both yearn for the same woman these two men are completely different creatures.

Hollywood needed a more exciting main character in Ichabod Crane and story line to appeal to the twentieth century. He approached his fellow-traveler. It is the stereotypical description of Mother Nature.

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The comedy that storytellers use is to make their work more meaningful and exciting for its listeners. His head had been carried away by a cannon ball in some revolutionary war.

The legend of sleepy hollow 2 essay

Brom Bones told them how he challenged the Headless Horseman in a race and how the Horseman disappeared. Amongst many other literary elements, Irving uses the American setting and Sleepy Hollow itself throughout in relation to the development of the story. However some critic feel that The Legend of Sleepy Hollow shows importance of marriage. Ichabod describes Sleepy Hollow as a place to escape the "real world". Due to the facts within the scenario explicitly stating that Amy was aware of the revocation, one cannot counter-argue the method of communication. Within the rigid class systems of Europe, in contrast, a talented and ambitious man finds it difficult to rise above his birth, so an untalented and un-ambitious man would not even bother to dream about possible success, or if he did, he would be certain of its practical impossibility. Nature, in Puritan writing, was a frightening entity. The story begins with the poem "Castle of Indolence" Irving emphasizes a figurative meaning in this line of the poem "gay castles in the clouds". A major theme in The Sketchbook is the strength of the imagination and whether it should be allowed to overpower reality. Because the audience expects the film to be a horror film, they automatically think the liquid is blood. Ichabod uses his imagination to make his life more exciting and more fulfilled than it is, while Crayon uses his imagination to make his travels seem more significant and enjoyable. Along with this The Legend of Sleepy Hollow essay sample, we have a lot of papers dedicated to famous stories and novels. His parents are Olympias and Philip, Olympias was the princess of the Molossia in Epirus, which was named after Andromache and Neoptolemus son. Nobody really know what happens, so that s why its called a legend.

The end product is a work that, unlike The Waste Land and its ultimate chance for redemption, has only the indelible emptiness of the hollow men as its conclusion.

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