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The great majority of the authors discussed here are Indian in origin. A number of South Asian writers have emerged on the global literary scene since the end of the colonial era, offering a substantial contribution to world literature.

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A brief biographical background focuses on the elements most relevant to the understanding of his or her fiction. In other words, we will work on the historical and cultural background elements that are important to fully understanding these novels. Some of these writers focus quite specifically on what life is like for displaced South Asians in London, the U. All of these literary and historical themes can be explored with new, powerful tools for searching and word frequency analysis. Also, a significant number of the books in the course are written by 'diasporic' authors -- people who for various reasons live outside of the subcontinent. Full access to this book and over 94, more Over 14 million journal, magazine, and newspaper articles Access to powerful writing and research tools Book details. Or is it more correct to understand the emergence of writing from this region of the world as lively, but essentially marginal to 'canonical' European writers like James Joyce or Ernest Hemingway? Two are relatively short; the final will be about 10 pages. Show all novels that talk about a war for independence.

Miscellaneous: 1. Some authors use formal English, while others play with the boundaries of language, merging English prefixes with local words or phrases, or writing English in the cadences of local languages.

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Film Screenings. A concise overview of the author's major works is provided, while the bulk of the chapter is devoted to the explication of a single work. I have put five films on the syllabus -- which may be a bit optimistic. Finally, it is important to note that several of the authors in the course deal extensively with the question of women in South Asia, with an aim to criticize the mistreatment of women in South Asian society while nevertheless refusing to condemn that society societies, really outright. These are the countries that have produced the internationally famed works under discussion. Required Texts Rushdie and West, Eds. These will involve you doing some individual research on a topic either suggested by me or chosen by you.

The two shorter papers will be focused arguments interpreting the texts in the course. Also note: I will be taking regular attendance!

Equally essential to the functioning of the class is everyone doing all the reading, every week. Postmodern literary techniques help tell ancient stories, and contemporary political parables are teased out of classic epics from the oral tradition.

To what extent does the English establishment accept and incorporate South Asian writing? My suggestion is to use weekends to work through novels in concentrated sittings.

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All the books discussed in detail. On an overarching level, the literature examines notions of nationalism and transnationalism, identity and language, the individual and the collective, authenticity and hybridity, home and homeland, and the collision of the ancient and the modern.

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