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Real-life scientists suffer from the same problem. He spent every waking moment researching and working toward this goal.

Frankenstein is an admirable work simply for its captivating plot. His desire for companionship draws him to Victor, since he is another intellectual with whom he might share his success.

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Victor Frankenstein also had a powerful appetite for knowledge. From an early age Victor Frankenstein isolated himself from the outside world. He came across a very faint Victor, who later told him his story. Believing that he can spare Elizabeth a grisly combat scene, he bids her to retire before him, that he might gain knowledge of the creature's whereabouts. Her Frankenstein is a warning. He learned that behavior from the way he was treated by humans. The motive for his quest goes beyond the desire for revenge, but is shaped over the primal need for Victor to become the ideal self. For Victor, knowledge was not power, knowledge was a flaw. Garner English 04 May Who is the real monster? He talks of his passionate curiosity for this territory unexplored by man. In the science fiction novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley examines the deep connection between a creator and his creation. In the ending letters Walton tells of an incident which occurs after being stuck in the ice for many days, where crew members approach him asking if a break in the ice does happen will he turn and return back to safety. The novel starts by showing us letters written by Robert Walton to his sister. Victor idealizes a dream for greatness, and he allows this to blind him from seeing the cost of actions until it is too late.

The gothic novel Frankenstein is a grotesque and mysterious classic monster story. Now that the monster has learned to speak and feel in a very human like sense, his departures from man are all the more blatant and horrifying. Knowledge is hazardous; therefore, I support Dr The Destructive Desire For Knowledge: Frankenstein By Mary Shelley words - 5 pages search for glory and knowledge becomes irrelevant because he suddenly realizes the effects of knowing too much.

Self-sufficient and possessing high capacity for questioning what systems are currently in place, and the astonishingly unique ability to discover solutions for problems; humankind is truly one of a kind.

frankenstein essay

He only planned to reanimate a human being; he did not consider the consequences of such an action, and he did not build protections for unexpected, detrimental effects.

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Victor Frankenstein Thirst for Knowledge