Why did the liberals lose the

It also made it harder for the Liberals to accept a range of regulatory policy issues, including the need for a banking royal commission.

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However, the Liberals did increase their support in the next two elections due to infighting within the Bloc. The fatal flaw of the Liberal strategy—adopting policies more typical of the NDP, setting up a left-vs-right ballot-box choice, and then making the campaign about stopping Ford—was a miscalculation on who voters would select as the best alternative to Ford.

It was not until Wilfrid Laurier became leader that the Liberal Party emerged as a modern party.

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What particularly horrified people at the time was what seemed to them the class war aspect of Lloyd George's Budget, the attack on land, a whole range of duties on land, of which the most important was what was called the tax on the unearned increment, by which was meant the increased value that land acquired through the growth of industries, through the development of cities while landowners sat there and saw the value go up.

Taking full advantage of the inability of Mulroney's successor, Kim Campbell to overcome a large amount of antipathy toward Mulroney, they won a strong majority government with seats—the third-best performance in party history, and their best since Bush and CNN political commentator. William Ewart Gladstone served as prime minister four times —74, —85,and —

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Win or lose the next election, it may be time for the Liberals to rethink their economic narrative