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Can ethnonationalists attract Amharic speakers?


In simple terms, the aim is to make a friend and a partner out of an enemy. Unless Amhara nationalists redraw the maps and declare Addis Ababa, Wolkait, Adama and many areas in other states as Amhara zones, their nationalism is meaningless. Ethiopia is a multiethnic giant with around million people belonging to more than 80 ethnic groups and speaking many languagesgiving its transformation greater regional significance.

In the Oromo zone, Afaan-Oromo is the working language and Oromo politicians control local government.


He wanted an Amhara population that is forever filled with a sense of imperial guilt. Borago The ruling Amhara Democratic Party and the newly established National Movement of Amhara have been working hard to get support from the Amharic-speaking Ethiopian population nationwide.

Once Amhara nationalists digest the reality of their powerlessness and gradually realize that tribalism was never created for their benefit, the next natural step should be to consider the alternative: Ethiopian nationalism and individual rights.

We all dream about things we feel are important in our lives. Ethnic parties usually maximize their support not by moderation but by polarization.

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Glin of the U. After the death of Josip Broz Tito, the towering president for life, in , the League of Communists relaxed its rule in large parts of Yugoslavia, leading to great media freedom, public debates, and economic reforms—but also rising nationalism. Without careful management of the delicate transition, Ethiopia risks a dangerous fragmentation along ethnic lines. Many such conflicts arise and are escalated because of incitement. Abiy said the northern movement of Oromos has resulted in intermarriages and multiethnic mixture. In ethnic federal systems, institutional power, economic and social inequalities, and ethnic identity overlap can easily reinforce themselves. If we include Welkait and other parts of Tigray where a large population of native Amharic speakers live, it is possible to have over a dozen major Amhara zones outside Amhara state.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Poverty is visible in the lives of the unemployed, the homeless, the hungry, the dispossessed and those consigned to the ghettoes.

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Yohannes Aberra, PhD - The Federal arrangement that was realized three decades ago in Ethiopia was meant to help Ethiopia remain united in the face of a dangerous ethnicity-induced centrifugal tendency that prevailed by the end of the Derg Regime.

In his answer, Abiy cited historical accounts about Abyssinian kings who were dependent on thousands of Oromo soldiers who marched to Gondar.

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Can ethnonationalists attract Amharic speakers? Historically, just as Oromo speakers have migrated north, Amharic speakers migrated south, or simply intermarried. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer. The dissolution of Yugoslavia and the subsequent wars stand a warning that the transformation of ethnofederal states with diverse and divided group identities poses particular risks. What is the point in Amhara nationalism? In seeking nonviolent change, one must accept suffering without retaliation because theer is redemption in suffering. The Yugoslav scenario is not destined to repeat in Ethiopia, but it offers a cautionary tale: During moments of political liberalization, ethnonational federal systems are particularly combustible. And this threat of civil war is what keeps leaders like Abiy Ahmed up at night. Interest and support for Yugoslavia waned as the Cold War was winding down, leading to international disinterest until it was too late. But his work is far from finished. Many urban areas in Oromia are dominated by Amhara Thus, Amhara nationalists want reciprocal benefits for their people outside Amhara. Could we and coming generations interpret his dreams?

This is mostly due to social media but also because of a lack of reliable institutions and structures to turn to in a country where institutions have been decimated by years of authoritarian rule.

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