Writing a political bio

If not, think of the reason you moved to where you are and why.

sample of biography about myself

Use those outside sources to help sell you. What is it that you want to accomplish? Take an issue profile and expand on it. What do I believe about it? Have you won awards or been recognized by community organizations. Owyang each wrote his own bio.

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Joe: Both my first book and my Thurmond biography turn around a similar question: how does American political history look different when you take an entity considered to be peripheral, atypical, or distinctive and put it at the center of the historical narrative? What are your solutions or plans for tackling the issue?

Where did you come from? Owyang remains admirably understated, relying on nouns shorn of their adjectival adornment. Never one to take herself too seriously, you can always count on Debra to lighten the mood and make a tense situation much more enjoyable.

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Outlining Your Campaign Bio