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What may seem simple and straightforward on the movie screen actually requires careful planning and extremely creative solutions from the screenwriter. There's an art to writing nail-biting action: Shane Black, Tony Gilroy writer of the Bourne screenplays , David Guggenheim Safe House and the Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy are some of the masters of that art. Cerrito jumps into the wagon. Maybe your hero figures out a clever way to win the fight. The other way is to lay out the fight scene on the page. Ironically, pure speed is not what thrills an audience. Both unarmed and extremely dangerous, Alex and the Thin Man stare at each other, face-to-face, not sure what happens next. Alex faces two more thugs.

It makes sense -- we have access to millions of videos from our laptops, tablets, and phones -- so we judge immediately whether something is worth viewing, and if it isn't, we move on.

Here are the seven elements and the questions you should ask and answer for yourself: A protagonist. One of my personal favorites is using a call-back of some sort, which means you will want to build a setup in Act I of the fight scene, or perhaps an earlier scene.

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But in the process of your action sequence, you need to create story choices that make your reader feel a connection to the main character. Yu catches up, and resumes her attack with a relentless series of lightning-quick blows. If nothing happens in the first 30 seconds, do you stick around? All rights reserved.

I believe this has begun to infect movie culture as well.

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The Writers Store eZine. Look no further than the success of the Rocky franchise. COP 1 Drop!

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How to Write Great Action